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Logo Design Services for Westchester, Hudson Valley, and Southern Connecticut

I hope you liked my logo profilio. A strong and effective logo design makes a great first impression. At DePinho Garphic Design our approach to logo design and branding is simple; understand the culture, research the competition, and be creative.  This approach will ensure that your logo reflects your brand and speaks directly to your targeted market. Together let’s put your mark on the world!

Logo Deliverables

Digital Files: The client receives digital logo files in various formats if applicable. These formats might include vector files (such as AI or EPS), which are scalable without losing quality, and raster files (such as JPEG or PNG) for use on the web and other digital platforms.

Color Variations: Logos are often designed in different color variations, such as full color, grayscale, and black and white. The client will, if applicable, receive versions of the logo in these different color schemes.

High-Resolution Versions: High-resolution files are essential for printing purposes. If applicable, the client should receive high-resolution versions of the logo for business cards, brochures, banners, and other printed materials.

Typography Information: If specific fonts were used in the logo, the client should, if applicable, receive information about the font names and where to obtain them. This is crucial for maintaining consistent branding in other materials.

Usage Guidelines: If requested, a style guide or usage guidelines document may be provided, outlining how the logo should and shouldn’t be used. This can include information about minimum size, clear space around the logo, and rules regarding color and background usage. Branding guidelines are considered as an extra cost.

Ownership and Copyright: The client will receive full ownership and copyright of the final logo design. This might be outlined in a contract or a separate document, confirming that the client can use the logo without any restrictions.

Variations: Depending on the complexity of the logo, the client might receive variations of the logo for different applications. For instance, a simplified version of the logo for small-scale use or a stacked version for situations where horizontal space is limited. This process is considered as an extra cost.  Source Files: The client may also receive the source files of the logo, which allows them or other designers to make future edits if necessary. These source files are typically in formats like Adobe Illustrator (.AI) or similar editable file types.
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