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My name is Joseph DePinho, I specialize in book cover design.  Since the early ’90s, I’ve worked in publishing for some of the top publishers and independent press houses world wide.  I have a huge passion for book cover design and it is this passion that drives me to go the extra mile. As an award-winning creative designer and photographer, my experience and love for design is your recipe for success! If you like my style and need a reliable book cover designer who delivers, let’s connect.

Book cover design by Joseph DePinho

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Freelance Book Cover Designer

I hope you like my portfolio of book cover designs. My name is Joseph DePinho, a freelance book cover designer, illustrator, website designer, and photographer.

For many years, I’ve been designing book covers for all types of genres; mass market, trade, medical, higher educational, children books, how-to, biographies, and just about every category imaginable. I’ve worked for large publishing houses, small presses, established authors and newbies self publishing their very first book. My passion for creative design is why I give every project the attention and care it deserves.

I studied graphic design, illustration, and photography at the School of Visual Arts.  While working part-time as a junior designer for a boutique design studio. The work included everything from posters to package design. It was that experience that cleared the path to becoming a book cover designer. My love of books runs very deep and I take great care into every assignment. My approach has been the same since the early days, keep it simple, think smart, know what the book is about and be creative.

In addition to designing book covers, I’m also experience in website design, logo design, product design, and photography. Whatever is in need for that creative touch, I can deliver. On the personal side, I pass the time bike riding, swimming, and playing racquetball. I’m also a life long-suffering Jets fan!  My studio is located in Mahopac, NY, and have enjoyed working and meeting various clients both local and worldwide. Let’s connect!

Are You Self Publishing?

Amazon KDP and Ingram (Lightening Source) Specialist

You just finished months or maybe years writing the next bestseller mystery novel. Or maybe a memoir destined for the silver screen. Or perhaps the first volume of an action-packed wifi series. Now you’ve decided to self-publish your book on Amazon KDP or Ingram Press. What next?

Unless you are a graphic designer, it may be a good idea to hire one. People do indeed judge a book by its cover. And just as an attractive cover draws the eye, a dull cover can cause readers to move on to a more appealing image. Your best chance of making sure people stop to look at your book is the cover. Make sure it is designed by a professional.

I have designed hundreds of successful book covers for self publishing authors. I’ve helped self publishing authors navigate through the design process, cover mechanical build and complexity in publishing with both Amazon KDP or Ingram Press. I’m friendly to work with, very creative, and most importantly affordable. Let’s connect, I got you covered!


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