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What Are the Best Practices for a Nonprofit Donation Website?

Nonprofit Donation Website by DePinho Design, Mahopac New York

In most cases, a nonprofit donation website is not that intuitive for first-time donors. Often you may be missing vital components that donors are looking for.

Let’s start by THINKING LIKE A DONOR. Listed below are the top four questions donors ask themselves during the donation process. Addressing these four basic questions will improve your nonprofit donation website to convert more donors.

Where is the donation form?

Do not make it hard for donors to find the donation form. This can prevent donors from contributing. If they struggle so will you! It is !important! to make finding the donation form easy to find. Use popup windows on scroll. Position the donate button as part of the main navigation menu. Place the donate button or form in the footer area. This makes your donation form visible on every page of your site.

How can I trust this nonprofit donation website?

Most people choose to donate to an organization because of word of mouth, they know someone who has benefited from the organization, or they have volunteered with them in the past. Those in this circle already have your trust. You just need to remind them from time to time. Knowing how to grow that circle of trust “online” is key.

One proven practices is by highlighting reviews that inspire confidence. Another “greater” practice is by posting success stories on how their donations made a difference. When the focus is on the giver and not the asker, the request for donations seems real. These two methods will help to build that all important “online” trust factor.

How will my donation be put to good use?

Be transparent, you need make it clear on how the donations are put good to use. Create a page that clearly breaks it down. Make the page easy to read, use photos and having a video is a “big” plus. By being transparent with all the facts, you will increase the credibility of your organization. Don’t make the mistake that donors know the whole story. Just because they’ve donated does not mean they have a complete understanding of your organization’s inner workings.

Use every opportunity to tell your story and how the donations are used. Sharing stories via an email newsletter will help to drive donors back to website. Remember, websites are like an island in the middle of the ocean you need consistently send out messages in a bottle. Using an email newsletter is a good reminder.

Where’s the option to give in honor of someone?

One reason people donate is to honor a loved one. Engage your donors on a personal level. It will also add a sense of belonging and individuality, making the donation feel more mean full.

Must donation app, such as Give Lively, have an settings option to DEDICATE A GIFT. Turn this option on. Provide donors the option to list a name “In Honor Of” or “In Memory OF”. Many donation are made in connection with a dictation.

If you are looking to upgrade your nonprofit donation website or just getting started, my team and I have the experience. Let’s get started!

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